Eurexia S.A. was founded in France by the brothers Vial in 1992. Since 1996, a company listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. It quickly became one of the largest distributors of high-quality meats on the market. In 1998 the brothers Vial take the decision to open its first foreign subsidiary. The result Eurexia Poland Sp. z o. o. based in Lodz.

Since the establishment of companies, we are working on dissemination in Poland of high-quality meats, making selection of the best of them directly in the country of origin. The company to date is the largest distributor of meat maturing from such countries as Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium. A Polish market Eurexia is present through which belongs to the group, already well-known consumer brand Polish Goldoni. It also represents the European manufacturers the most reputable, distributing their products under their brands.

Eurexia Poland is a company composed by a young, dynamic and enterprising team whose sole aim is to develop high quality meat products. Flexibility  is our asset.  We adapt service and experience to  wishes and request of clients. Special orders and individual requirements. Over time, we specialized in the manufacturing of sliced meat products, constantly striving to uphold the quality of production. With vast knowledge and experience, we have been able to maintain the manufacture of products using IFS and BRC methods with all regards food security. We are ready to fulfill the demands in Control and Food Security at national and international level.